Chief Justice observation is in accordance with ground realities : Dr. Tahir Ul Qadri

Lahore (16thFebruary 2018)Head of Pakistan Awami Tehreek Dr. Tahir Ul Qadri has said that’s Chief Justice of Pakistan’s observation about promotion of Police Officer involved in extra-judicial killing is truly compatible with ground realities.Shahbaz Sharif gave promotion to many such Police Officers, including those involved in Model Town Massacre; he even gave them postings of their choice. In telephonic address to Advisory Council of PAT, he said since day one this has been a technique of Sharif’s that they impose junior officers on their seniors, and then use them for their ulterior designs, and as reward give them postings of their choice. Punjab is number one province in out-of-turn promotions and postings. Chief Justice of Pakistan must hold enquires of all incidents of extra-judicial killings. He said former I.G. Punjab Mushtaq Sukhera who supervised Model Town Massacre; was brought from Baluchistan to Punjab just for Model Town operation. As a reward, Shahbaz Sharif appointed Mushtaq Sukhera his advisor even before his retirement. Now he is working for Federal Govt at an important constitutional post. He said Sharifs fear Mushtaq Sukhera can become Crown Witness (approver) against them, so they warmly receive both Mushtaq Sakhera and Dr. Tauqeer Shah. He said victim families of Model Town incident pray Chief Justice to take notice of Model Town incident too.