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What is the Agenda of Current government?

Who is dictating Government to destroy Pakistan?

How Dr. Qadri views Musharaf Case?

What is going to happen after six Month?

Why government is hesitate to name terrorists?

What are the real policies of Current politicians?

Will people get positive results of the negotiation between Taliban & Government?

Is there any opportunities for job seekers?

What PAT have been doing from National Elections up to Now?

What our responsibilities?

What did people confess after 11th Mary Elections?

What Tahir ul Qadri had said, if current system will not change?

What are the measures have been adopted for the change?

What is the solution of problems of poor People?

How would poor people get his rights?

Who will bring Revolution?

What will be the Administrative structure of New Pakistan?

What is Dr. Tahir ul Qadri's source of Income?

How much salaries are being paid to Dr. Hassan & Dr. Hussain?

Why Dr. Qadri didn’t leave Dual Citizenship?

Why Dr. Qadri has kept Dual Citizenship?

Why Dr. Qadri is out of Pakistan for last six years?

What should public do?

Who is responsible for Inflation & High prices in Pakistan?

To whom Pakistan will support diplomatically in war between Iran & Israil?

Should Pakistan initiate diplomatic negotiation with Israil?

Is democratic relationship with Israil Possible?

How & with whom will we build bilateral relationship with China & America?

What is Dr. Qadri point of view on Drone attacks?

Is fighting against terrorism is our battle or imposed on us?

How will you finish terrorism from Pakistan?

What will be the Economic policy of Dr. Qadri ?

What will be the government structure after Revolution?

What had been lost & achieved from Long March?

Would revolutionary struggle be detained?

What will be the time frame for peaceful Revolution ?

Why revolutionary struggle is short sighted?

Will this Revolution be bloody?

When will Revolution prayer be conducted ?

How could democratic & constitutional Revolution be achieved?

Is PAT's revolution Constitutional?

Which kind of Democracy do we need?

What is the difference between Current Democracy & Real Democracy?

What type of politics do we need?

What is the relationship between state & politics?

What is Dr. Qadri's message to Pakistanis about Revolution?

What Tahir ul Qadri can do for Pakistan?

What Dr. Qadri comments on Article 6?