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What Dr. Qadri point of view on missing Persons in Pakistan?

What is the definition of Martyr in Islam?

How do you view 7 point Agenda of American Defense Minster?

Is Dr. Qadri accusing present government for corruption?

Who will bring Revolution in Pakistan?

What Should we do about drone attacks?

What is the background of Consultation with PTI Leader?

How you view the constitution of Pakistan in its Original shape?

How could we save Pakistan?

Do we have accountability in our Current political System?

Is it necessary to separate Islam from Constitution?

What is the Concept of Islam?

Should Imam-e-Hussain (RA) obey Yazid's Men festive?

How we can differentiate a terrorist and a martyr?

Who is Mujahid?

Is the effort of Taliban and Army Justified equally?

Why we have differences on Concept of Jihad?

Why Western Govt did not react on blasphemy Law?

What would be the reaction of Muslims on Blasphemy Law?

Views on Blasphemy Law by Tahir Ul Qadri?

Will Tahir ul Qadri Leave Canadian Nationality for Elections?

What will be the time frame for Revolution?

Will you Call for Revolution before Elections?

Why PTI did not participate in Long March?

On what basis Dr. Qadri had predicted pre-poll rigging?

What are the rights of Pakistani people under Constitution 38?

Does Pakistani Nation not need Revolution?

Could we get change from existing Political System?

What will be benefit Pakistan by Educated politicians?

What sort of benefit people got from awareness of Article 61 & 63?

How you assess public awareness after the long March?

Which kind dresses do you like most?

What will be the strategy of Revolution?

What is the Article 3 & 38?

What does the current political system provide benefit to the People?

Which kind of system could save Solidarity & Existence of Pakistan?

Are you against of Democracy in Pakistan?

Would Sonami bring the Change within Current Political System?

Was 18th Amendment Constitutional?

Was Fakher ud din Ibrahim's Stance as Chief of Election Commission of Pakistan Justified?

Is the numbers of people increasing in Revolution?

How your view on supporters of Dictatorship in Revolution?

How Dr. Qadri views Musharaf Case?

Does PAT Policies Support Case of Musharaf?

Will Dr. Qadri welcome all party Leaders to the Revolution?

Will the Corrupt Politicians could be the part of Revolution?

Does Dr. Qadri Support Dictatorship in Pakistan?

How you judge the services of Dr. Qadri without his presence in Pakistan?