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Dr Qadri's views on Karachi Province

Is Revolution is far away from Pakistan?

How Dr. Qadri responses to criticizers ?

When will we see Revolution in Pakistan?

Why present political system saves Politician's interest only, Not the Nation's?

Can International Policies be made by one Party?

Does Revolution need foreign Influences?

Dr. Qadri Views About Imran Khan?

How Dr. Qadri views Musharaf Case?

When Dr. Qadri will call for Revolution?

What is the contribution of Minhaj Welfare Foundation on Earthquakes, Floods etc.?

Does Dr. Qadri make Phylactaxy?

Does protests on the roads change the System?

How many assets owned by Dr. Qadri and his Family members?

How can we stop Drone Attacks?

Who will identify the Corrupt Politicians?

Will the Nation will get rid of Corrupt politicians after Revolution?

Why PTI Participated in Elections, Although they knew, that the ECP was unconstitutional and Corrupt?

Can One Party bring Revolution in Pakistan?

Will Dr. Qadri will stand with Nation on Final Call?

Why Change is possible through revolution, not Elections?

Could protests on roads bring change in Pakistan?

How Dr. Qadri will change the existing Corrupt Political System?

A Comparative view on decisions of CIP Iftikhar Ch.?

Was X-Chief Justice a Judge or a politician?

How Judiciary impacts after the retirement of Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhary?

Will the final struggle results in Morning of Revolution?

Would the loan from IMG to be taken after Dr.Qadri's Revolution?

Are the Protests in Different cities are part of Revolution?

Kya Abhi Inqilab Ka Waqt Nahi Aya?

Dr Qadri Awam Ky Saath Kb Khary Hon Gy?

Kya Dr Qadri PTI aur MQM Ko Dawat Den Gy?

Inqilab Main Dr Qadri Ka Saathi Kon Ho Ga?

Kya Corruption Expose Krna Asal Maqsad Hona Chahiye?

Dunya Ky Inqilab Kaisy Hoty Hain?

Inqilab Kaisy Aye Ga?

Justice is not selected

Dukh Dard Main Gharib Awam Ky Saath Kis Ko Khara Hona Chahiye?

Aam admi kaisy jany k kon sa leader usk sath hai?

How a common man can differentiate Dr Qadri's between others?

Dr Qadri K Pakistan Na Hony Sy Kis Ko Problem Hai?

Kya Hamen Powerful Groups Ko Khatam Krna Chahiye?

Kya Dr Qadri terrorist groups bnany walon py tanqeed krty hain?

Hukoomat Main Terrorism Rokny Ki Himat Kio Nahi?

Target Killing Ka Zimma Dar Kon?

Qatl-o-Gharat Ko Rokny Ka Hal Kya Hai?

Dr Qadri's message to workers of other parties who want to change

Dr Qadri Ka Inqilab Kis Ky Khilaf Hai?