Khasan di Gal Aaman Aggay nain Munasib karni

Title: Neamat Khas ki Hifazat k liey Khilwat ki Zaroorat hy
Serial No: 185
Place: Lahore, Lahore
Dated: March 6, 1994
False things have always been attributed to great personalities of Islam through out the history. Dr. Tahir ul Qadri is no exception to that. He emerged so quickly, and had so many accomplishments in such a short span of time, that some corners started their organized efforts to defame him. They attributed lots of things to him which either he never said, or were quoted out of context. One of the most mis-reported issues is that of his dreams. In this post I would analyze this issue in a little bit detail. But before that, I would suggest the readers to obey the following teaching of Quran (Sura Hujrat 49:6) O ye who believe! If a wicked person comes to you with any news, ascertain the truth, lest ye harm people
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